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“He helped me through a stressful time with his knowledge and professionalism”

Scott is very professional and made me feel comfortable when I needed someone with experience. He helped me through a stressful time with his knowledge and professionalism.


“In my opinion it is one thing to know the law but a whole different matter to understand human nature”

I have known Scott Anderson for some 30 years. I have entrusted him with all my personal and family legal matters. His firm Anderson law ably protected our family in a personal injury case where my wife suffered injuries. We have proudly referred many friends and associates to Scott and they have all raved about the professional care he has provided. In my opinion it is one thing to know the law but a whole different matter to understand human nature. If you are looking for someone who knows the law and will take the time to work in your best interest then hire Scott!

Mike Bann
Bann Business Solutions
St Paul, MN

“Scott ranks among the best and, more importantly, he truly cares for each and every client”

I am a criminal defense attorney and have known “Scottie” for over 20 years. As a lawyer, Scott ranks among the best and more importantly he truly cares for each and every client. I have confidently referred him many difficult cases and he has always handled them to the client’s complete satisfaction.


“There hasn’t been a single time that someone hasn’t came back to thank me over and over again for referring Scott”

I came in contact with Scott Anderson on the recommendation from a friend. He had Scott as his lawyer and he was extremely happy with the outcome. I found myself in some legal trouble and decided to use Scott because his price was in my ball park. Scott not only got me what I wanted but he kept me calm during the court matter. I was really nervous over what might or could have happened. He always answered my questions or phone calls in a timely matter. Over the past 6 years I have referred Scott to my own customers and friends. There hasn’t been a single time that someone hasn’t came back to thank me over and over again for referring Scott.  I haven’t heard of a better lawyer suitable for the blue collar person then Scott Anderson.


“I want to keep in touch with you and anyone I can send your way I will!”

Scott, Thank you so much for everything!  You are a great guy!  I want to keep in touch with you and anyone I can send your way I will!  Thanks again and have a great summer.


“You did a great job and are an excellent attorney”

Thank you again for the great job on my case.  I am relieved that this is over and ecstatic that I am able to finish my punishment under Home Monitoring.  You did a great job and are an excellent attorney.  Though I never plan on getting in any trouble, if I do, you would be the first I’d call.  I will refer you to my friends should they need an attorney or representation.  Thanks again Scott, I really appreciate the great job on my case.


“I would have been lost without your expertise!”

Thank you for orchestrating such a fabulous outcome in Court.  And for keeping my spirits up through out this ordeal.  I would have been lost without your expertise!!  Thank you so much!

P.S. You are Magic!


“Thanks for all your hard work”

Scott, Thanks for all your hard work.  Your services were absolutely fantastic.


“I don’t know what I would have done, or where I’d be without your help!”

Scott, it was so wonderful of you!  I just wanted to thank you for all your help on my DWI case, it was very much appreciated.  I don’t know what I would have done, or where I’d be without your help!  Thanks again!


“A kind deed is never erased by the sands of time”

A kind deed is never erased by the sands of time.  Thank you!  May God bless you for the kindness you have shown so often.

P.S. Scott you helped me from not losing my home and car.  I am enrolled in computer classes to help me.  Thank you so much!


“Not only is he very good at what he does, he is also a very caring man.”

I found out about Scott Anderson from a person I had met, who was in the same legal straits as I.  After my first talk with Scott about my legal problems I had a feeling that I was in the bets care I could be.  Not only is he very good at what he does, he is also a very caring man.  He is not in it for the money, Scott really cares about his clients and I will recommend him to anyone I know that needs legal help.


“I am grateful to have been represented by a man of such high moral and ethical standards.”

I wanted to spend a minute and thank you for your help.  I was in a rough situation and you were able to calm me down and help me get past the situation.  Through our meetings and the entire process you were always respectful and kind.  You went out of your way to ensure I was comfortable with what was going on.  Scott you took the time necessary to discuss and answer all of my questions as well as my wife’s questions.  You left no stone unturned.  I am grateful to have been represented by a man of such high moral and ethical standards.  This was a low point in my life and you were able to bring a smile to my face.  I cannot thank you enough for helping me thought a difficult time.  I am honored to have a few extra business cards just in case I run into somebody that needs one.  I would not be able to recommend anybody other than you.  Scott you continue to keep a smile on your face and help others.  Thank you so much for your time and understanding.  You are truly the best person I have met and I mean that from my heart.  Keep up the good work.


“You have a gift of making each of your clients feel special, as if they are the only one you are representing.”

We want to thank you for the understanding and handling of Aaron’s case.  You are a good attorney.  You have a gift of making each of your clients feel special, as if they are the only one you are representing.  We are very thankful for the outcome.


“I hope I never need a lawyer again but if I do it’s Scott Anderson!”

I want to thank you for everything you have done!  I don’t know what I would have done without you!  I could of went to court without you and end up losing my license!  You kept me calm and although you couldn’t guarantee anything I felt confident! I never want to be in the court system again.  I have been through hell and back this year going though divorce and being on disability and trying to take care of three kids!  I want to be the person I used to be and what you have done is getting me started on being the person I could be to myself and my children!  I hope you realize that is exactly what you are doing!  Yes, lawyers are expensive, but you truly care!

Thank you Scott!!

PS: I hope I never need a lawyer again but if I do it’s Scott Anderson!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Scott L

“The professionalism and hands on approach you provided was a comfort to me.”

I wanted to express my appreciation to you for all you have done, I’m sorry I missed you after court but I heard what an outstanding job you did.  Josh and his dad were very impressed on how you spoke in court and I want to say I am very impressed on how you handled the whole case.  There were a lot of elements you had to deal with and the outcome was a blessing to us under the circumstances.  As a mother, you are probably aware that I have been very upset and stressed over this situation, so the professionalism and hands on approach you provided was a comfort to me.  I just want to tell you how thankful I am and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.  Wish you all the best!!


“I will definitely pass your name on if anyone I know is in need of a good lawyer.”

Thank you for your help with my case.  I appreciate it a lot.  I will definitely pass your name on if anyone I know is in need of a good lawyer.


“We really appreciate all you have done.”

Thanks for your help with Taylor.  We really appreciate all you have done.


“Thanks for your professional assistance”


Once again, thanks for your professional assistance and personal insight and support. I sincerely appreciate everything.


“Your representation will not be forgotten”

We want to thank you for the time, effort and support you so graciously gave us.  Your representation was literally a god-send to us, and one that will not be forgotten.


Amazing lawyer! Warm and reassuring!

I was so anxious about my case, it being the first time I’ve ever been pulled over, but Scott Anderson was so warm, friendly, and reassuring! I couldn’t have picked a better lawyer. I highly recommend him to anyone with a traffic offense!

Sarah L. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The help that Anderson law provides is the best!!!

Anderson law guided and help me through every step of my case. He was the first of many attorneys I talked that wanted to know every single detail before I even met with him. Communication is superior!! Always following up to make sure I stayed on the proper track through a stressful time.

Jason S. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

10/10 would recommend

Scott has been nothing but helpful through my dwi case. He was very understanding and empathetic through our first phone conversation. Prior to speaking with Scott, I had a lawyer tell me the worst case scenario was what I would go through. Scott assured me that would not be the case. Of course I got my dwi at the worst time (Christmas time) so Scott and I had to work around busy schedules, but he always remained in communication with me and answered questions I didn’t even think to ask. When we finally met, he walked me through everything in a way that a non-lawyer could understand, breaking down every part of my dwi and case. When we arrived at court, he was very professional, was friendly with lots of the court staff that he has a great working relationship with, and help guide me through everything I would need to know for the day! He was fantastic, greatly priced, and I will use for any future law needs and recommend to anyone in need of help!

Rachel S. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I think Scott Anderson did a fantastic job for me!

I am completely satisfied with the success Scott Anderson had in handling my case. He was professional, very knowledgeable and completely competent in the service he performed for me. From the first time I met with him, I was very secure with his confidence and with his compassion for me in my situation. He knew how nervous and scared I was and was able to calm me and settle my nerves. He proved to me he knew his job, and is known and respected in his field. The way he conducted himself in the court room and the respect he was shown by members of the court made me realize that I had made the right choice in selecting Scott Anderson as my attorney. If I ever require the services of an attorney again it will be Scott. I will also recommend him to anyone that I know that would need any legal assistance.

James B - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Scott is truly a master of his trade. From the moment I first called him to now (over 3 weeks after my court has been settled), Scott has been there for me making sure I'm not alone and know how to take care of everything I need to take care of. Scott really eased my mind on the legal concerns I was facing and came across as an extremely personable guy. Very friendly, and very punctual. I could tell from the start that Scott truly cares about his profession, and he definitely cares about the clients he represents! I never had to worry about anything. If you want a down to earth, caring, and extremely experienced attorney call Scott Anderson! I couldn't imagine trying to go through what I've been through again without him!

Thank you Scott, I really appreciate everything you did for me! It truly was a pleasure to meet you, and although I have absolutely no plans of future altercations with the law, I hope to see you around some day!!

Waylon P. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Scott was great to work with!

I highly recommend Scott for all your legal needs. Scott's experience saved my apples during my DUI case in 2015. Scott showed a great amount of support for me during this trying time as well as a passion for his profession. For all of you going through this difficult time again I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Scott for your legal matters!!!! Thank you Scott.

Jerry B. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

They did a good job for me, and they kept me up to date with the progress of my case!

Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson handled a legal matter for me, and I was very impressed with their professionalism! They did a good job for me, and they kept me up to date about the progress of my case! I highly recommend them to everyone!

Gina S. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great choice!

I got lucky when I called Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson, for help. He was extremely communicative with me and very professional. Five stars for Mr. Scott Anderson. I already recommended him on two different sites with stars and comments. I am glad I chose to use Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson.

Sandra S. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fantastic Results

I really appreciate the way that Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson, handled my case for me. Communication with him and his staff was efficient and timely. I am happy to say that he was able to resolve everything in my favor. I appreciate his hard work, his communication, and knowledge, not to mention he is a kind person. Five-stars for everything! I highly recommend Scott L. Anderson for your attorney needs.

Gary V. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

He made the process painless! With his help, it wasn't as bad as people say!

Scott Anderson of Anderson Law Office is very confident which makes me confident of his ability. He was on top of my case all the time. He called me every time he heard from the DA or had new information or anything. Whenever I had a question, he knew the answer right off the top of his head. He was in touch at least weekly. I felt that he was in control the whole way through, from the very beginning to the end. I now tell my friends that if they get in trouble to call me first because I know the guy for you. Scott Anderson is a real fighter. I was totally happy with his service. I recommend him to everybody, even my worst enemy. My fines were less for my second offense than my boss's were for his first. I also got a lot less classroom time. Paying the lawyer's fee was well worth it. Five stars across the board for Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson.

Pam G. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Great Lawyer

I had Scott handle my DWI case when I was in need. From the start of the process to the end he was constantly available and willing to answer all questions. He goes to bat for you and that I think is a huge thing people need when they hire a lawyer. Thanks again Scott.

Nicholas R. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I don't think I could have gotten a better outcome!

I called Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson at eleven o'clock the first night I needed him and he answered. The office followed up with me every day and kept in contact. I felt like I was kept in the loop. The case was resolved quickly and easily. I've already recommended Scott Anderson to other people. He is very knowledgeable in the field, has a lot of resources, and knew the proper steps to get me back where I needed to be. He is personable and friendly. I could speak with him on topics besides my case. Five stars for Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson.

Steve M. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Enthusiastic! Compassionate! Helpful! I appreciate their work!

I found Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson to be very reliable. They were always available and helpful to me. I was always on the phone with them and they were always compassionate. They listened to me. Their work is great. Five stars for Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson.

Melvin W. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The best I could have asked for!

I hired Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson based on a recommendation and I couldn't have been happier. They had perfect communication. Every time I had a question or needed an explanation, they responded quickly. They are very, very sweet. I absolutely recommend Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson.

McKenzie M. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

He got me a better outcome than I expected!

Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson is very professional and has good communication skills. He answered all my questions and took care of everything very professionally. The case went better than I expected, thanks to Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson. Five stars.

Joe T. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Good lawyer!

Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson did a good job being my lawyer. He also wasn't too expensive. I was able to afford him in my budget. Mr. Anderson communicated with me at all times. If there were any updates, he would call me with the information. Best of all, there was a good outcome to my case. I recommend Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson.

Pablo G. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Very professional and relaxed approach!

Mr. Anderson of Anderson Law Office always made me feel very calm about my situation. He helped me relax and feel comfortable about what going to happen. That's why I give five stars to Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson. I really appreciate his service. He was also pretty good at responding to my questions and calls. I got answers pretty fast. Anderson Law Office was recommended to me. I recommend them also.

Kennedy H.

One hundred percent effective!

My experience with Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson was excellent. Scott Anderson didn't waste any time. He got right down to business. He was easy to reach and his work was very effective. I have recommended Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson, to some people and I recommend them to you.

Mario L.

Unexpectedly fast and professional!

My court date was originally scheduled for March and Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson was able to get it done by September. Since I had lost my driver's license this was an awesome outcome. I am glad they were able to make my life much more convenient. Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson gets five stars and I highly recommend them.

Steivan R.

I Got My 3 Degree DUI Drop to A 4 Degree DUI

Scott is a great communicator who really cares about his clients. If you ever run into trouble, he is the lawyer to go to. I am satisfied with my results! Thank you Scott!

Karnie V.


I was very happy with every aspect of Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson. They took care of everything for me and I never even had to show up in court! They were very professional and kept me informed throughout the process. I highly recommend Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson.

Anthony O.

Scott Anderson made dealing with my legal needs painless!

My experience with Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson was quite good. Scott was very responsive at all times. He handled my case in an expedient manner and got me a good result. When I had questions or concerns, he always returned messages from me within a day. There was only one time I didn't immediately receive a return call. That was when Scott was also waiting for an answer on what was causing the delay in the progress of my case. I dealt directly with Scott at all times, either by phone or email. I highly recommend Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson!

Alexander O.

At the top

Scott is the best i know at what he does, i know with him I'm going to get a better outcome than anyone else if the circumstances are the same. Great guy and a friend you just call to say hi!

Jake W.

Fantastic Service

Fantastic service and great personal skills. I couldn't recommend a better attorney. Really treated me well and did a great job with my case. Really has the knowledge and skills. Definitely knows his craft.

Luke F.

Scott is a personable gentleman who tends to his clients' needs anytime that they need him!

In the Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson is very personable and professional. He treats me the way I would want someone to treat me when they take my case. I've known him for a long time, but even so, he was always quick to respond to every phone call. He is very accessible. I called him at midnight and he picked the phone up right away and spoke to me for twenty minutes. He understood exactly what I was going through and was wonderful. He was always right there for me with advice that I could rely on. Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson is wonderful!

Lisa S.

He went above and beyond what was necessary and helped me through a difficult time!

Working with Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson put me at ease about my situation. He's super personable and regularly went above and beyond what was necessary. The result of my case was even better than I anticipated. Since he's been doing this for about thirty years or something, he knows everybody and knows the whole system. It turned about to be a good experience in what was a bad situation. It could have been a lot worse. I recommend Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson!

Dylan W.

If you commit a crime, call Anderson!

He's good! He's really good! I tell a lot of people, if you commit a crime, call Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson. He did a good job for me. I want to keep him around but I'm not going to make another mistake, so I won't be using him again. I'm not lying. If he wasn't good, I'd fire him. If the glove doesn't fit, I'm not guilty. But if you commit a crime, I'll give you the number and Anderson will represent you. Right now, during the virus, if you commit a crime, facetime Anderson. He'll facetime everyone and do everything for you! Call Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson! He's good!

Sand B.

Calmed my fears about the whole court experience.

Given that I have had very little experience with lawyers, I thought I'd just go with a public defender. But after I called Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson, I realized there was a night and day difference between the two. I didn't feel any personal connection with the public defender, but after talking only briefly with Scott Anderson, I got the true sense that he knew what he was doing and would do his best to represent me for the most reasonable amount of money. Sure enough, they took care of my case expeditiously. I got through it with as little upset to my daily routine as possible and they handled the whole court experience easily. I was well represented by Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson!

Linda J.

Honest, Upfront, Puts You First & Is Always Available!

I heard about Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson from a friend. I dealt with Scott himself. He was very easy to talk to. He gave me every single piece of information and more that I needed. When I first went in for the initial consultation he even offered me time to look around first since I told him he was the first attorney I had spoken with. I had already heard great things about him and he had already made a great presentation that I felt I could put my trust in him. Whenever I called he seemed to have time for me. I never felt rushed. If he didn't have an answer right then he called me back with an answer. I felt really comfortable with him and his honesty. He was thorough with his explanations and he was professional. He did a great job and I highly recommend using Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson!

Jayne H.

I Couldn't Have Dreamt Of A Better Attorney To Hire

I found Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson doing a Google search. I have used a few lawyers and, by far, Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson is the best. Scott did what he said he was going to do. If I called the office I got a return call quickly. When I asked questions I got answers and explanations. He never made me feel rushed. I couldn't be happier with the service I received from them and I would highly recommend Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson to anyone!

Brad F.


It's really hard to know who to pick as a lawyer. I made the 100% right decision in hiring Scott Anderson. He made me feel at ease and gave me steps to follow to get a plan in motion. I couldn't recommend him more.

Elizabeth S.

Best lawyer in the metro area.

Scott did a great job handling my case. Very informational and knowledgeable. Worked very hard to get the best possible outcome. Highly recommended.

Chris T.

Excellent and thorough attorney

Scott was extremely knowledgeable regarding the law in this area. He did an excellent job of explaining what would happen next and was always available for questions via phone or email. Very experienced attorney.

Tom S.

What a great guy!

Scott was personable and professional, he really assisted me with the best outcome for my legal trouble. He is great and his legal knowledge is quite impressive. Thanks Scott!

Philani N.

Fantastic and Professional Attorney

It was amazing working with Scott Anderson. Mr. Anderson was so professional, honest and he showed that he genuinely cares for his clients. His quick response and knowledge in his professional and of was hands down top notch. I highly recommend his services for anyone looking for legal help. Thanks Scott!

P W.

My experience with Mr. Anderson.

I am so very thankful, and words cannot describe on how much Mr. Anderson helped me. He made me feel confident, and he took care of everything. He also made me feel that I am not a criminal, just a person who made a mistake. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone I know. He is kind, sensitive, and very caring. Thank you so much for everything!! Words cannot describe my relief, that I wouldn't of had if you weren't by my side!

Sonja H.

He was very helpful

Scott Anderson was good and very helpful with my dwi case. He got anything on my case reduced and i was very pleased. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a lawyer. Again thanks you Scott

Manny T.

How Scott Anderson helped me go through my first DUI

I went through 4 stages below with Scott and got a fairly minimal fine/charge possible:

1. First talk on the phone: Scott listened my story and explained things. I quickly felt very comfortable with him in order to set up an appointment for a meeting in person.

2. At his office: Scott helped me to understand more about DUI charges; Provided all information I need to reinstate/keep my driver license.

3. At court: He did all the work with prosecutor. Stood by my side and I didn't even have to talk much in front of the judge either. All went very well at the end.

4. After court: Scott helped me to finish all the paper work to settle the case. Thanks Scott.

Sum up, if you ever needs any legal advice, I highly recommend you to see Scott Anderson.

Nam T.

Very fast and results oriented.

Would recommend.

Lee S.

Exceeded My Expectations

I received a misdemeanor traffic citation in Brooklyn Park a month ago. I hired Scott because he had a lot of experience with driving offenses in this geographical area, and he exceeded my expectations. Scott listened to my situation, researched the case, and negotiated with the prosecutor to keep the citation off my record. I would not have achieved this outcome without his help.

Brent F.

Great Attorney! Fair! Honest!

I met Scott in regards to a 3rd Degree DWI I was facing, I felt comfortable a few minutes into our meeting. I didn't know what the outcome was going to be, being I had priors years ago. Let me just say the outcome was a blessing and Scott did a great job in representing me since the first day I had met with him.

Israel Q.

Accessible, friendly, knowledgeable, professional, winner.

Made a painful situation as painless as could be. Got the plea deal I was hoping for. Thrilled and satisfied about the result.

Greg R.

Very friendly and thorough

Had my case all done before I even got there very fair pricing have recommended him to all I know. very thankful I was recommended to Scott.

Brian B.

My case with Anoka county

Scott is very helpful of helping me with my situation and handled it very well. I respect his knowledge and professionalism. I would use his service again, if necessary.

Thank you,

Nicholas L.

Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable

Scott was great every step of the way. He called often to check in and give me updates as well as provided me resources to help throughout the process. He was extremely knowledgeable and put my nerves at ease and got me a great deal the day of court! He has been doing this for a long time and cares about his clients. I needed a lawyer who knew Anoka county well and you couldn’t find a better connected guy than Scott. I Highly recommend Scott!

Mary B.

Scott calmed my fears

Mr Anderson was very calming from the start and was very easy to talk to.

He explained everything up front and in an easy to understand manner.

Scott got me a better than expected result with my DUI charges

I would highly recommend Scott to anyone who has found themselves in legal trouble

Lowell P.

Scott is EXCELLENT!!

I couldn't be more thankful to have had Scott as my attorney. I was in a bad place, and was forced to find someone to help me with a very tough incident/accident. Scott walked me through it every step of the way, and was always there to answer my questions and make me feel better. Not only did Scott represent me to the best available outcome, he was a listening ear when I really needed him. I would recommend Scott to anyone. Thanks so much for all you did, Scott!! I couldn't be more appreciative.

Laura F.

Excellent Attorney, Excellent Customer Service

Absolutely the best decision my family has ever made. Anderson Law was very easy to work with, very comforting to my wife and I at a very difficult time in our lives and extraordinarily competent. He kept me out of jail, got me a reduced probation period by several years and got me a fine of several hundred dollars when I was expecting to pay 6,000 to 9,000 dollars.

God willing I will never need another legal team but if I do Anderson Law will be my first and only call. Thanks Scott!!

Mike R.


I was extremely impressed with the genuine concern & support given to my case. The end result was way better than I could have ever anticipated. Thank you so much Scott Anderson!!

June B.

5 Star Attorney

Scott Anderson is an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate Attorney. During our legal issues his calm and respectful demeanor eased our worries and concerns. Scott Anderson is an asset to the legal profession.

N L.

Hassle-free, and very easy!

Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson took care of a legal issue for me. The whole process was very easy and simple. That took a lot of the stress out of the situation. They were very good at explaining things to me!

Amanda M. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I would 100% recommend Scott Anderson for representation. He was professional & prompt in helping my family.

Scott is supportive and caring. He took time to answer questions and reassure us he would do everything he could to help us get the best outcome. He was prompt and took initiative to handle our case. I'd recommend him to anyone reading this and I'll definitely be retaining him again in the future if needed.

Collette T. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Like a father, Uncle, Brother or Best Friend

Scott will take care of all of us. He pulls us in as part of his family. He cares deeply for his clients (aka family). He works diligently to resolve our legal issues. Rest assured he will try to comfort you in the hardships you face. I have been with Scott twice for my own experiences and have come out on top both times. The last was a dismissal. That is not easy to come by. However, Scott has the ability to try and get you the best result. I am truly grateful I chose him both times in my life's unexpected turns. He righted those turns and I can't imagine having anyone else in my corner!

Bruce M. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Lawyer for my court case

I recently hired Scott Anderson as my lawyer, and I have to say I am really glad I went with him! My husband referred me to him, because he had Scott as his lawyer back in 2008. He was so helpful and very understanding about my situation. He didn’t judge about what I was going through. He was very informative and laid everything out in honesty and truthfulness. Never sugar coated anything. He helped me get through my case fast and effectively. I respect him as a lawyer and a human being for being so honest and understanding, and helping me get through my court issues. I recommend him to anyone, and if I have anyone that needs a good honest lawyer I will be referring them to him 100%👍🏻.

Erin O. - Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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