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Hit and Run, School Stop Arm Violations, Reckless and Careless Driving, Speeding, Speeding over 100 mph, Leaving the Scene of an accident, Driving after Revocation, Cancellation, Suspension, Driving without Insurance, Open Bottle, Underage Drink and Drive, and combinations of multiple offenses can have court and license consequences, etc.There are many types of driving offenses in the State of Minnesota that can affect your car insurance, revoke your license and subject you to criminal penalties. These offenses can vary from Misdemeanor (Maximum of 90 days in jail and/or $1,000 fine) to Gross Misdemeanor (Maximum of 1 year in jail and/or $3,000 fine) offenses.

Strict Scrutiny by Courts

Driving offenses are looked at very strictly by the courts because they are a threat to public safety and repeat violators could damage property or injure innocent parties. They also can affect your privilege to drive.

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If convicted, your license could be revoked or further revoked for a varying period of time. The length of revocation time is determined by the number of prior offenses, if it is certified to the Department of Public Safety and other factors. It is imperative to have representation to protect your interests and potentially avoid having your license revoked. Anderson Law Office provides a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION.

Traffic Crimes Lawyer & Defense Attorneys Minneapolis

Whenever a case is analyzed it is imperative to know all of the facts and details about the reason you were stopped or approached by police, what procedures the officer(s) used during the stop and subsequent arrest, what is contained in your prior criminal/traffic history, did the officer read you your Miranda rights when you were arrested, were you allowed to contact an attorney, and many other variables.

It is also critical to examine the police report in detail after our consultation to complete the analysis. It is important to have both views of the case prior to developing a strategy with regards to your case. Scott is always looking for defenses when he is analyzing a case. If there are defenses then he explores those in detail prior to moving forward with the criminal case and your potential license revocation. If there are not defenses then it is his job to get the best possible result for you and get your license returned to you as quickly as possible at a reasonable and affordable cost.

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