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Drivers do not see motorcycles

No matter how often it is preached drivers still do not take the time to look both ways before they proceed and accidents occur. This is particularly damaging when the inattentive driver pulls out and fails to see a motorcycle.

Your entire life changes in the blink of an eye

Motorcyclists have the same rights as any vehicle on the road but other motorists often fail to see them. When you are involved in a motorcycle accident your entire life changes in the blink of an eye, and we at Anderson Law Office are here to offer immediate, compassionate and experienced help.

No-Fault law in Minnesota is complex.

Motorcycle/Car accident claims in Minnesota are complex.  First, there is a claim against your own insurance company for medical expenses and wage loss.  Minnesota’s No-Fault Law is governed by Minnesota Statutes §65B.41 through §65B.71.  Any person with injuries arising from the maintenance or use of a motor vehicle is entitled to receive up to $20,000.00 in medical and $20,000.00 in wage loss benefits from their own insurance company, regardless of who is ultimately found to be at fault in causing the accident.  For this reason it is called a No-Fault claim.  Pedestrians and bicyclists injured in a motor vehicle accident can seek no-fault benefits from the involved vehicle’s insurance or their own automobile insurance if struck by an uninsured motorist.  Certain provisions in individual policies can increase the amount of coverage provided.

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Minnesota is a comparative fault state.

In addition to the claim for Minnesota No Fault Benefits, the injured party has the right to bring a claim against the driver of the vehicle causing the accident.  Minnesota is a comparative fault state, meaning that so long as the other driver is more than 50% at fault in causing the collision, he or she can be held liable for the property damage, car repairs, rental car expenses, medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of lifestyle caused by his or her negligence. The practical effect of this is that being partially at fault in causing an accident does not preclude recovery in Minnesota.

Uninsured motorist insurance may be available.

Finally, depending upon the severity of your injuries and the amount of insurance available through the at-fault driver, you may be able to bring a claim for Underinsured or, in the case of a driver carrying no insurance, Uninsured motorist benefits.  All insurance policies issued in Minnesota carry this UM/UIM coverage. This means that there may be excess insurance available through your own policy if the policy limits of the at-fault driver are not sufficient to compensate you for your injuries. There may be other insurance policies to tap into, as well.  It is critically important that all avenues of insurance recovery be thoroughly explored in order to make sure that you are fully compensated.

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