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Being Charged with a Crime Can Turn Your Life Upside Down

Anderson Law Office understands that being charged with a crime can turn your life upside down. It is natural for you to worry and sometimes imagine the worst. We understand there are a lot of emotions that will be pouring out. We will help reduce your stress level and worries. We will help you through what can be a difficult process by listening to your concerns and answering your questions every step of the way.

You need experienced confidential help from a caring and sympathetic lawyer who is experienced, successful and accessible.

Our approach is: Accessible. 
Anderson Law Office understands that clients have questions and they want their questions answered sooner versus later. Scott is dedicated to answering your calls personally. We believe that being accessible to your questions is important and critical to building a strong relationship with you, our client.

Our approach is: Compassionate. 
Anderson Law Office knows that you may have many questions and the process of filing a personal injury claim may seem overwhelming.  We understand you are worried and under stress. We can give you the answers you need to help you through this difficult time.

Our approach is: Experienced. 
Anderson Law Office has been successfully assisting injured parties for over 22 years.  We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly assess your case and engage in a strategy to maximize the amount of compensation for your injuries.

Our approach is: Personal.
Scott treats his clients as people, not just dollar signs. Every client is treated with the respect and courtesy that they deserve. Our commitment is to meet with you as soon as possible in your home to investigate the critical facts and circumstances unique to your particular case.

Our approach is: Comprehensive. 
Anderson Law Office represents clients in the areas of auto, truck, motorcycle collisions, wrongful death claims, bus accidents, boating accidents, farm accidents, plane crashes, pedestrian and bicycling accidents, work-site injuries, dog attacks, railroad injuries, product liability claims, drunk driving accidents, premises liability cases and spinal cord injuries.


Please contact Scott L. Anderson NOW at 763-422-8664, e-mail him at
andersonlaw@att.net or fill out the form on the right for a confidential consultation.


“Scott ranks among the best and, more importantly, he truly cares for each and every client”

I am a criminal defense attorney and have known “Scottie” for over 20 years. As a lawyer, Scott ranks among the best and more importantly he truly cares for each and every client. I have confidently referred him many difficult cases and he has always handled them to the client’s complete satisfaction.

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