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What To Do (and Not To Do) if You Have an Auto Accident

Anderson Law Office Sept. 13, 2022


  • DO stay calm. 

  • DO notify police immediately, and cooperate with them at the scene. In a hit and run accident it is particularly important to the police immediately. 

  • DO make sure you tell the police if you believe you may have been injured. 

  • DO obtain all the information all detailed accident information like insurance names, phone, address, etc. 

  • DO notify your insurance company about the accident. Even if it was not your fault. 

  • DO take photographs of your car it has been damaged. 

  • DO see your own doctor or go to hospital immediately if you believe you have been injured. 

  • DO keep your current insurance information with you. 

  • DO seek legal advice on all of your rights. 

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Do Not’s

  • DO NOT move the cars or injured persons until police and emergency personal arrive, unless it would be dangerous to leave the cars and persons where they are. 

  • DO NOT admit fault to the other driver or the police. 

  • DO NOT allow anyone to leave the scene before the police arrive, but if they do, make sure you obtain as much information as you can about the other driver and vehicle. 

  • DO NOT give the statement to the other person’s insurance company. 

  • DO NOT sign any releases or other legal documents, even with your own insurance company, without first obtaining legal advice on your rights

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