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Bike and Pedestrian Accidents in Minnesota

Anderson Law Office Jan. 20, 2023

No one ever asks to be injured, but it happens… Anderson Law Office understands that a biking or pedestrian accident can turn your life upside down.  It is natural for you to worry and sometimes imagine the worst.   We understand there are a lot of emotions that will be pouring out.  

Who you select as your attorney is crucial to your case. 


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When Motorists Don’t Pay Proper Attention to Bicyclists or Walkers, People Get Hurt.

Bicycling and walking have become very popular in Minnesota for many reasons; it’s good exercise, a good way to relieve stress, fun for the family and an economic way to get around.

Unfortunately, if a motorist doesn’t pay proper attention to you while you are biking or walking an accident can happen. When a car, truck, or bus hits you there may be serious injuries. Typical injuries are neck and back injuries, head trauma, cuts, scarring, bruises, broken arms, legs, collar bones, etc.  

It is extremely important to document the accident immediately by calling the police, going to the doctor or emergency room, and calling an attorney. 

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People who operate automobiles must exercise reasonable care and failure to use reasonable care is considered negligence. 

A person who negligently operates a vehicle may be required to pay for any damages caused by his/her negligence. 

It is important to call immediately if you or someone close to you has been injured as the result of an automobile accident.  Anderson Law will immediately investigate your case to assess the liability of the driver.  The longer you delay the more difficult it is to prove the liability of the driver.

Insurance Companies Contend the Bicyclist or Walker Was at Fault

Bicycle and pedestrian accidents are painful and emotional injuries since the injured person oftentimes has a fear of returning to their routine of walking or riding their bike. 

Insurance companies defending the motorist oftentimes take the stance that the bicyclist or walker was at fault.  It is imperative to gather the information as soon as possible to document the accident scene and establish the motorist was at fault. 

Anderson Law Works with You to Get Your Medical Bills Paid and The Best Possible Recovery.

If you, a family member, or friend have been in a bicycle or pedestrian accident you should seek medical attention immediately, call the police and file a report and take photos of the scene and injuries. 

Once negligence is established you are entitled to compensation for wage loss, medical bills and pain and suffering for your injuries. 

Anderson Law assists you in gathering information, researching your case, taking photos, investigating the case, and working with you to get you the best possible recovery.

Thank you for considering Anderson Law Office.

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Scott Anderson Made Dealing with My Legal Needs Painless!

My experience with Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson was quite good. Scott was very responsive at all times. He handled my case in an expedient manner and got me a good result. When I had questions or concerns, he always returned messages from me within a day. There was only one time I didn't immediately receive a return call. That was when Scott was also waiting for an answer on what was causing the delay in the progress of my case. I dealt directly with Scott at all times, either by phone or email. I highly recommend Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson!

Alexander O.

Scott Is a Personable Gentleman Who Tends to His Clients' Needs Anytime that They Need Him!

In the Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson is very personable and professional. He treats me the way I would want someone to treat me when they take my case. I've known him for a long time, but even so, he was always quick to respond to every phone call. He is very accessible. I called him at midnight and he picked the phone up right away and spoke to me for twenty minutes. He understood exactly what I was going through and was wonderful. He was always right there for me with advice that I could rely on. Anderson Law Office, Scott L. Anderson is wonderful!

Lisa S.

I Am Grateful to Have Been Represented by A Man of Such High Moral and Ethical Standards.

I wanted to spend a minute and thank you for your help.  I was in a rough situation and you were able to calm me down and help me get past the situation.  Through our meetings and the entire process you were always respectful and kind.  You went out of your way to ensure I was comfortable with what was going on.  Scott you took the time necessary to discuss and answer all of my questions as well as my wife’s questions.  You left no stone unturned.  I am grateful to have been represented by a man of such high moral and ethical standards.  This was a low point in my life and you were able to bring a smile to my face.  I cannot thank you enough for helping me thought a difficult time.  I am honored to have a few extra business cards just in case I run into somebody that needs one.  I would not be able to recommend anybody other than you.  Scott you continue to keep a smile on your face and help others.  Thank you so much for your time and understanding.  You are truly the best person I have met and I mean that from my heart.  Keep up the good work.


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